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To commemorate the centenary of Marathi Diwali issues the TV channel ‘Saam Marathi’ has aired a program ‘'Shatadeep’' in five parts. Watch here ‘Chinha'’s editor Satish Naik’'s interview in edited form. In the post century golden jubilee celebration of Sir Sir JJ School of Art, well-known artist Prabhakar Kolte mentioned the movement against corrupt practices in art education spearheaded by Chinha editor Satish Naik. Watch that part in this video clip. Watch the video film of the publication of the 12th issue of ‘Chinha’ at the hands of well – known artist Dr. Sudhir Patvardhan at Thane Kalabhavana on 16/01/2010. ‘Chinha’ editor Satish Naik was interviewed on the TV channel ‘Sahyadri’s news section on 26 th May 2009 in connection with the anti-corruption movement that he led. See the video clip of the same here.
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