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Issue 2003

One of his diaries led to the screenplay of the award-winning film Aakrosh by Vijay Tendulkar. Bhaskar Kulkarni who lived a short yet stranger-than-fiction life and documented it in no less than 75 diaries is the focus of the year’s issue.

Chinha’s issue on Bhaskar Kulkarni who brought Warali and Madhubani to the world’s notice was an important milestone in the journey so far. That it was published at the hands of the century’s most important writer like the late Vijay Tendulkar is a matter of pride for Chinha. The snap shots show other dignitaries like poet Dilip Chitre, poet artist Sanjeev Khandekar, journalist Dhananjay Karnik and others. Simultaneously, an exhibition of Bhaskar Kulkarni’s work was held at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and inaugurated by Dilip Chitre. Both of the functions saw most of Bhaskar Kulkarni’s friends. Well-known and reclusive poet the late Arun Kolatkar made it a point to attend both the functions.

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