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‘Chinha’ rules our every living moment. The plethora of information that is found cannot be contained in a few hundred pages of an annual. However, the need to share it with the readers is also very strong. After the publication of ‘Chinha’s annual issue ‘Kalabazzar’, the abundance of such noteworthy yet unpublished material became overwhelming. The apt answer to this problem was creating informative blogs.
The Marathi blog will speak of things related to the marathi magazine ‘Chinha’. It will tell things from the art field which remain untold. The blog ‘Prashnachinha’ will play the devil’s advocate and throw light on corrupt practices in art education. The English blog (soon to be launched) will carry to the world the news of art happenings in Maharashtra. The glimpses from this blog will feature information that will be welcome to art lovers the world over.
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