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It takes months of toil to publish one issue of such an outstanding quality. And the demand always outstrips the supply. With the website in place, now the readers can avail of the collectible previous issues of ‘Chinha’ at the click of a mouse.

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  2007 Edition

Kolte of the distinguished trio of modern day Indian art – Gaitonde, Barve, and Kolte, voices at length his thought-provoking reflections and fundamental observations in this interview.

  या अंकात
आमचं पान... (संपादकीय)
कोलते बोलते झाले
जेजेचा कॅप्टन
फेका-फेक आणि फेकाडे
युरोटूर 'टूर'
'साथी' सुधीर
हात न दाखवूनही अवलक्षण
सामंत गॅलरीवाले

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